Kimberley Artworks 2017

This work follows a recent trip to the Kimberley region.
While there I made many fast sketch drawings as notes and in my studio I work very hard with feelings and ideas, colours, textures and images of the landscape as a way to express my response. I process my early feelings in visual books and I allow this time to be a period of reflection and consideration.
Then I begin work with colour, paint and marks in a way that attempts to remove all the words and visual ‘reality’ of the landscape. In this way I hope to find my original and unselfconscious responses and share those with the viewer.
In this process I am forced to tackle incredible self doubt. It is surprisingly difficult to stay away from images from photographs and other peoples works. The search for the truth of my own voice is at the core of all my work.
I have an abiding love and respect for landscape and am appalled by the environmental destruction that greed and money contributes. As a visual artist
I want to share my feelings and thoughts about landscape as a reminder to myself and others of the beauty of our heritage